Postdoctoral Researcher

About me

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Research interests

Developing  neurodegenerative disease models in microphysiological systems. Leading Parkinson’s-on-chip (PoCM) project.

 I have a general interest on neurons and their way of communication. I am working to interpret neuronal behavior, functioning and network interactions related to:
learning and plasticity and neurodegeneration by using the techniques from biochemistry, neuroelectrophysiology, signal processing, image processing and biomedical signal analysis.


My main skillset concentrated on in vitro  electrophysiological measurements, electrical stimulation and recordings (mostly experienced with Ca2+ imaging and extracellular recordings with MEAs). Highly proficient with processing and analyzing electrophysiological signals.

Also, I have been frequently using fluorescent microscopy as well as techniques like immunostaining and protein immunoblotting. Experienced with chemical and viral based transfection methods, embryonic mouse cortical and Drosophila melanogaster whole brain dissection. EU category D certificate in Laboratory Animal Science.

Other me…

Like playing football (when my ankles are in shape), training martial arts (Aikido and  Goju-ryu Karate) and camping (in the wilderness).




Tools and Data