Tools and Data


Comparative microelectrode array dataset of functional development of human pluripotent stem cell-derived and rat neuronal networks

We provide a dataset of microelectrode array recordings (MEA) from human pluripotent stem cell (hPSC)-derived and rat embryonic cortical neurons during in vitro maturation and pharmacological treatment at their mature stage. Data Descriptor can be found at

Analysis tools for action potential bursts and neuronal networks

Spectral entropy based neuronal network synchronization analysis : CorSE

Algorithm initially calculates the time variant spectral entropies (SE)  of time series (e.g., recordings from separate channels of  microelectrode arrays) and subsequently the functional connectivity is  defined by means of correlated spectral entropies (CorSE).  

Details about the method can be found at Also at Cite these articles to refer the method given with this code. 

Joint analysis of extracellular spike waveforms and neuronal network bursts

Neuronal networks can be analyzed with the tool. With this joint analysis, action potential bursts can be detected and burst information such as number of bursts, average burst duration and average number of  spikes for the corresponding channels can be stored. For the joint analysis, each burst spike is associated with a spike type, and the spike type compositions of the bursts are assessed. The joint analysis requires a spike sorting tool which is not included here (in the  original publication Wave_clus by Quiroga et al. (2004) was utilized).
For more information about the joint analysis: 

The guidelines for analysis is included as a separate pdf file. Cite the publications below, if you use the code in your works: